St. Paul's Children's Home


Latest Developments


In March 2014 after long years of work and many small donations we were able to finalize the building and construction of a large assembly hall for the St. Paul`s Home.



So far it was not possible to assemble the children and staff in any of our rooms for a meeting. Now the hall is equipped with tables and benches for dining and home work. The room is also used for birthday celebration and other festivities. 

Another success was achieved in December 2014 when we were able to switch the children and their sleeping places from their uncomfortable multi bed rooms in iron sheet rooms to a new floor and in the existing building that was used as a kindergarten before.

This being a real stone building now has plenty of advantages compared to the iron sheet building before since it is more warm at nights and more cooler in hot days. Also mosquitoes do not come that easily in such a building thus not transmitting diseases like malaria so much in the future any more. Since doors and windows are secured by iron bars its also a much more secure building to all of us. We are thankful for every donation that contributed to the construction of this building.



The building is divided into an upper floor for young girls and young women and the lower floor is used by young boys and young men now.


We were also able to purchase new iron beds for this new sleeping places from donations.

They came with new mattresses and bed sheets and pillows as well as blankets.

Now for the first time in life all our children and staff have their own bed to sleep in.

By funding of G4S even metal boxes and beddings were brought in such each child having his own private box to lock and store his or her personal belongings away.


All of this is a step forward the children and we were longing for quite some time now and we are most happy all could be performed now in January 2015.






Plans for the future


For a brighter future we are planning on a solar panel system to produce energy for the home which will be used either for light at night or cooking of food or preparation of hot water.

Right now electric energy is expensive and power frequently is shut down in our area.


Furthermore we plan on having our own dwell to be able to use fresh and clean water for our children in the orphanage.


There is also a great need to set up real restrooms and showers for keeping the children clean and giving them the opportunity to avoid many diseases by having their hands and body washed frequently.


We count on your donations and look forward to be able to establish all this in the near future.


And last not least and most important we are looking for sponsors for 22 of our children.

We need support in their school fees as well as in books and school uniforms. Therefor we are looking for personal donors to support them.


We are looking forward to your support. Every little donation is helping us always to get a step forward.

If you are interested in taking over responsibility and become a personal donor for one of our children you are most welcome to do so.

Please contact either us directly!