St. Paul's Children's Home

The Education


We run a Pre-school in the orphanage; here the children aged three to six attend classes. We teach the basics that are needed later in primary school. We employ a teacher, provide teaching supplies and arrange the transport of children.

Mrs Carol 


Most of the children in the orphanage attend nearby public primary schools. Additionally, we also have some kids that are given the opportunity to attend private schools, either by sponsors or by the owner of the private school that support them academically. We have pupils from first to eighth grade living in the orphanage.



In 2012 we had eight and one girl attending secondary school; the boys go all to Ole-kasasi Secondary School, the girl attends the boarding school Olooseos Girls Secondary School, which is a few kilometers far from the orphanage. Our secondary school pupils are in grade 1,2 and 3.

So far, only one boy, who lived in the orphanage, did his K.C.S.E. in 2010 and achieved a grade point average of C+. Presently, he is working for G4S Securior Company in Nairobi. He is still waiting for the opportunity to go to college or university. Until the, he left the orphanage to work, but he comes often along to visit and help other children doing homework.