St. Paul's Children's Home

Our overall Challenge


We face several challenges on our way to make St. Paul's Children's Home a home to orphaned children in Nairobi. 

Some of the Children of the St. Paul's Children's Home

Some of the Children of the St. Paul's Children's Home

Nutrition: Daily food is an essential part of each our lives - we need food to survive. Until now, we were able to supply a daily meal for every child that lives in the orphanage, or comes from the neighborhood to eat. But, we also want to make sure that this daily meals are balanced and healthy, containing a fruit as dessert, which is not usual.

Discipline: Is very important. This is a challenge here, because every child comes from a different background and a different family setup. Mostly the children struggle with the discipline at first, but then they familiarize themselves with the rules.

Space: We have limited space in our orphanage, meaning small and few rooms. This leads to the result, that many children have to share one room and that sometimes we cannot accommodate all children that come here long-dated. We hope that we can change this lack of room in the future, so that every child that comes here can stay and fewer children have to share one room.