St. Paul's Children's Home

Our Background


The St. Paul’s children’s home was founded in 2000. In 2001 the orphanage became officially registered by the ministry of Social Services. Actually, we started with a program that focused on the aim to provide one plain meal every day for each child in the neighborhood. Then, we saw the need to start a pre-school and a primary school, since most of the children who came for a meal did not attend a school. Until now, approximately 200 children lived in our orphanage and attended our educational institutions. 


Mrs Honorable Margret Mbote

Mrs Margret Mbote December 2013


Since 2003 the government of Kenya provides free and compulsory education for all underage children. Additionally, all primary public schools supply one plain meal for the children each school day. This governmental change was, of course, a great success in helping the children of Nairobi, and also brought some change to the orphanage. Some of the children had the opportunity to live with their relatives and attend school. The orhpanage still supplies food for the children living in the neighborhood, now mostly on weekends and in school holidays. The orphanange continued with 15 children living there.

Until then, the orphanage was centrally located in Umoja Road in Ongata Rongai, near Kware and Kisumu Ndogo slums.

In May 2003 we struggled with the rent for the building the orphanage was located. So we wrote a letter to the Kenya Charity Sweepstakes about our work and were given a donation of 300,000 ksh, which we thankfully accepted. Gladly we spend the money to purchase land at Ole-kasasi in August 2003. We built our first building and the orphanage is located there until now.



Since that time, the orphanage grew immensely. We were able to purchase more land, so the orphanage now has twice as much at disposal. We built a kitchen, TV / dining room, a class room for pre-school and dormitories for the children living in the orphanage (one for boys and two for girls). The orphanage's staff includes Mrs. Margret Mbote as founder and director and seven employees.